What if every successful company sought a solution for one major global issue? Like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tackling malaria…Think of the changes that could be made!
We call this part of our mission Constructive Solutions. To support homeowners, and contractors at a local level, and serve globally through our profits. Easy Job Quote follows the philosophy that corporate organizations carry the financial power and social obligations to tackle the big issues facing our global communities.
The very foundation of Easy Job Quote, from the earliest days of conceptualizing our company, was to find constructive solutions for some of the issues we face in the renovation industry, and our planet.
At Easy Job Quote we strongly believe that in corporate social responsibility we can find constructive solutions for many global issues. We pledge to turn a large portion of our profits to finding and assisting creative ways of cleaning plastic from the waters of our globe.
We will look to ways to support new initiatives, and those already underway, to rid the oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastics. We will fund retrieval systems, recycling measures, and help find better, biodegradable options. The construction industry is already finding ways to reuse and recycle existing plastic to manufacture building supplies – wood, bricks, and the development of newer green construction materials. Through the support of these initiatives, we hope to create a world where all creatures have access to clean water.
Thank you for supporting our company, for creating a more trusting business model in the renovation industry, and through us, helping make our globe a healthier home for all.
Easy Job Quote. So much more than a handshake.