Refund Policy 

Thank you for considering our service at Easy Job Quote.  We charge a modest fee of $149 + GST for our service to cover the travel and time for our Project Developers.  This fee will be invoiced at the time your home visit is scheduled. It is due and payable the day of the home visit.

If you cancel the appointment two hours prior to the appointment time, a full refund will be given, if your invoice has been paid.

If you choose not to use the tender and our service after the home visit, but prior to opening the tender to member contractors for bidding, we will refund $49 + GST.

When the tender has been opened for bidding to our members, it is deemed that our service has been used, and no further refund will be offered.  There is no obligation to home owners to select or contract our members.  There is no obligation for our members to bid on the presented tenders.

We trust that our service offers savings of time and money to homeowners and contractors, and we thank you for your interest in Easy Job Quote.