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It's difficult finding a tradesman you can trust. Easy Job Quote's clever match-making process means you can choose the right person for your project with confidence.

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1. Site Visit and Measurements

After you make your request we will send an experienced Project Developer to your home. The Project Developer  will identify all that needs to be done to get your job done – pictures, templates, measurements.

2. Tender Preparation

Based on the material collected in the visit to you home, the Project Developer will prepare a professional tender. After you approve the tender, we will send it to the contractors qualified to do your project.

3. Multiple bid Opportunity

Your tender will be open for bids by all qualified member contractors. At the end of the bid period you will be able to choose the one that you consider the best. You will have access to the ratings for each of the contractors.

4. Contractor Selection

All our contractors go through a vetting process. Referrals, insurance, bonds are all reviewed prior to accepting a contractor to be a member of the Easy Job Quote team.

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Site Visit and Measurements
Tender Preparation
Contractor Ratings
Multiple Bid Opportunity
Contractor Selection

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