September 22, 2017

A lot has happened since Easy Job Quote was named a winner in the Douglas Magazine 10 to Watch for our innovation in the renovation industry.  Many thanks to the panel of judges for their thumbs up to our business concept, to Douglas magazine for showcasing our company (, and to the many clients and contractors who have called, before and after that fun April evening!

When we started out on this journey, we wanted to make a difference to home owners and contractors alike.   The response from across the country, and as far away as Australia has confirmed that we have found a market pain that we can ease.

As a new concept in the industry, there are still questions about exactly what we do.  This seems like a good time to expand on our business idea, and how we make a positive difference in this sensitive industry. 

Easy Job Quote is ideal for any homeowner with a renovation project who does not know where to begin finding the contractor to do the work.  Due diligence is very important, and that is what we do.  We meet with any general contractor or tradesperson interested in being a member of our company.  We look at their work history, accreditation, insurance, awards, and we interview past clients to build a profile for them.  This information is made available to our homeowner clients to assist in choosing the team to do their work.

One of the frustrations for the homeowner is waiting for the three to five contractors to show up to estimate the job, to obtain the multiple bids recommended.  We make that easier by sending our team to the home, preparing a job description for our members to bid on.  All the contractors are then bidding on an identical job, rather than multiple interpretations of the same job.  The home owner has just the one appointment with Easy Job Quote to obtain their bids.  Phone us at 250-590-8182 or contact us today at

For the contractor, this means they do not have to leave their current jobsite, which costs time and money.  The new jobs come to their laptop.  We also save contractors time and money on marketing, a savings that can be passed to the homeowner.  Please join our team at

With our review process, Easy Job Quote gives a voice to the homeowner.  We offer an open, accountable venue for direct evaluation of the work.  And thus, we help our member contractors receive recognition for their excellent work.

Watch for our new FAQ page at!